Hi πŸ‘‹ this is Astral10.

A digital consultancy that helps businesses and brands to fully leverage digital innovation from social, creative / design strategy, AR / VR, and interactive experiences to engage consumers on the next level.

Digital Innovation

With a deep knowledge and passion for new technologies and digital platforms, Astral10 can help your business strategize, concept and produce new digital experiences from AR / VR, interactive installations and experiences for your business needs.

  • Comprehensive competitor audit
  • Technology & human behaviour reasearch
  • Concept & creative discovery
  • Ideation, user journey, interaction design & mockup
  • 360 market strategy & obtain leads
  • Implementation & production

Social Expertise

With deep knowledge of social platforms, technologies, human social behaviours and more, Astral10 can help your business push the boundaries within the social space.

  • Social account audit
  • Comprehensive competitor audit
  • Provide tangible content strategy solutions and innovative creative recommendations
  • Help businesses strategize & plan ways to create content


Creative & Design Strategy

With a passion for creativity, design and strategy, Astral10 can help your business to redefine and enhance visuals, products, and creative innovation from a strategic approach that will resonate with your audience.

  • Business audit
  • Comprehensive competitor audit
  • Creative and strategy discovery sessions
  • Provide strategic approach to creative and design
  • Recommend new creative and design tactics